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Glass Plates

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Glass plates have many uses. Plain or decorated, they are a popular choice for serving food. Available in various sizes, they can hold anything from appetizers to a full meal. They are common at formal sit-down dinners as well as at casual cocktail parties. Desserts are often served on small glass plates in shapes that vary from round to square. Round, ornate plates are traditional, while square or rectangular plates have a more modern, simple appearance.

Aside from their functionality, glass plates can be decorative items. They can be made of clear or artisan glass, in solid colors or hand painted. Many have scenes or other decorations, for serving food on an attractive dish that matches the theme of the occasion.
For meals, glass chargers can be placed under a dinner plate, salad plate or soup bowl. Chargers can also hold candle arrangements and other types of displays.

People often collect glass plates and display them on the wall or on stands. They may have a particular theme, such as tropical or Celtic. Many are used for food, while others might serve as home decor only. Those that are too fragile for the microwave or dishwasher should be hand washed.

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